Elif Textile & Curtain

Elif Curtain Was established in 1991 at Istanbul, one of the fashion centers of the world. The company has worked locally until 1994, after this year the export has started with expanded facilities and machines.

The company keeps its success by exporting products including Europe (France,Germany,Holland,Belgium,United Kingdom), Nort Africa, Russia and Midle East countries.

Quality of the products is our priority with high technology and new developments, The company serves the new, modern and high quality products with convenient prices.

Elif Textile's products are based on two main parts which are polyester and cotton products. Moreover, the capacity of the company has been expanded every year with new investment sources.

The brand takes the customers' expectation into consideration by presenting its modern products with classical ones two times in a year.

Our products which are at the quality of world level with guarantee of unshrinkability, are produced with caring of human health and environment.

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